Elemental Herbology has the pursuit of good health, nutrition and wellness at its core.

Their natural skin care products are packed with nutrients to help you discover your radiance and give truly visible results.

Launched in 2008, in just over a decade, Elemental Herbology’s products have won accolades in Vogue, endorsements by beauty gurus including Lisa Eldridge and Sali Hughes, industry awards, and a place on the treatment menu in some of the world’s best spas.

From the beginning, Elemental Herbology wanted to a create a different kind of skincare and body care range - One that drew on twin passions for plant-based beauty, and the five-element theory – the ancient philosophy which is the cornerstone of traditional Chinese medicine.

Five-element theory is the belief that all life is comprised of and ruled by the five elements of nature – wood, fire, earth, metal, water – and that these elements need to work in harmony to achieve a state of perfect equilibrium.

We share their belief that your skin needs a balance of all the elements, and that balance depends on your skin type, your lifestyle, the season and a range of environmental factors. Your Elemental Herbology prescription will comprise products from a mix of our ranges, depending on what your skin needs to achieve balance at this point in time.