It’s a magic cycle of waiting summer all year long and then cursing the hot and humid days when the heat is just simply unbearable. You must know what we’re talking about – the red-flushing, dry-flaking, face-burning, sweat-processing weather that makes you beg for the warm spring days to come back. But you just wait – as always, we do have a strategy how to survive the heat when you’re leaving the heavenly cool, air-conditioned cafes.

We congratulate you because you’re already having the beach body of your dreams, whatever is the size of your dress. But the worries rarely end just here. While you already have a full mind with all the getting ready process for beaches and lush bush (“Where’s my bikini? And the bug spray?!”), we got you covered with solutions to the most common beauty and feel-good problems we all face during hot days of the year.

Yes indeed, summer has its low-downs, but there are some tips and tricks how you can enjoy the hot days without feeling like a hot mess.


Yes, it seems like an obvious tip to consider as summer approaches, but actually using a sunscreen is a must all year long – we’ve talked about this a lot and we will never get tired reminding you that there is no other way how to enjoy the daylight safely than just slathering on the sunscreen religiously. If you’ve had a bad experience with white, streaky and super thick products that left the worst impression, we come with good news – the unique formulations that make the SPF much less invasive as it used to be. For example, even though our sunscreen is powered with natural filters, it spreads out smoothly, evenly and leaves you feeling heavenly (and safe!).


Also known as the friction of two surfaces. You might know this feeling that is most common on the inner thighs or under arms and sometimes it can cause a dry, flaky irritation that can even bleed. Sounds, nasty, right? That’s why the best tip is to gently treat the affected area with MADARA SOS Hydra Repair Intensive Serum that deeply nourishes and calms stressed and dehydrated skin. You can cool the area with ice packs to reduce redness and calm the irritation. Also, here’s a life hack that might save you next time you leave the house – use a powder on the places where irritation usually happens.


Who doesn’t love fun times at the pool? We definitely do, as long as we don’t end up with a dry and stressed skin. Of course, one dip in the pool won’t turn you to a sapless cracker but over the period of summer this could be a common problem if you’re lucky enough to be next to the pool whenever the sun treats you. So to skip the dryness, don’t forget to shower right after each swim in the pool and use super hydrating body washes like Bitter Honey Moisture Wash 500 ml and hydration-boosting lotion formulas like Hydra Soft Body Lotion.


We’ve all been at the moment where our foundation slowly slides off our faces and all the facial area just feels like a piece of cake that’s left in the sun for an afternoon. To skip this problem, use an ice cube before applying makeup and gently massage your face and neck with it. Instead of heavy and oily formulas, use lighter ones like MADARA Moonflower Rose Beige Tinting Fluid or the City CC cream which not only has a beautiful shade that gives your skin a tanned and healthy look but also SPF15 for an extra protection. Win-win situation, right?


The look of sun-kissed hair looks extra beachy and instantly makes you look like a surf goddess, but this nature-caused effect has a dark (or frizzy) side. Sun causes irreversible damage to our strands, drying out and breaking down the cuticles and leaving the cortex exposed. The chlorine chemicals in pool water can dull shine and roughen texture as it strips cuticles of the hair’s natural protective lubricants. And then there is salt water as well, which doesn’t ruin your strands physically but the salty deposits that’s left behind in your hair can weaken it when it’s brushed. To give your hair the extra moisture it desperately craves, use MADARA Grow Volume shampoo and conditioner as this combination not only purifies your hair and scalp but also tames frizz, prevents split ends and coats your fibers in a hydrophobic film, therefore improving the resistance against mechanical and environmental stressors.

Source: Madara

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