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Artificial Nails - Give Me A Swirl

Artificial Nails - Give Me A Swirl

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Time to nail that mani! If your tips are always on point, then these swirly artificial nails are for you! Made for polish perfectionists who are style-rich but time-poor, these pink-toned, classic -shaped designs are based on trending, photo-worthy nail art. Easily stick them on in seconds with the included nail glue! You’re made to mani…


GIVE ME A SWIRL is a pink swirl design

Includes 24 nails and nail glue

How to use

Directions for use: Make sure your nails are clean and dry. Prep the nail by filing the nail into your desired shape. Lightly buff the nail bed to make it smooth, oil free and ready for application. Select your correct nail size by hovering the false nails over each of your nails. Now apply a light layer of nail glue to cover the whole nail and wait to dry. Placing the false nail up to the cuticle on the nail bed, ensuring it’s straight. Press down firmly on the false nail and hold for 5-10 seconds. Repeat for every finger – now you have a fresh set!


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